Sacred Scotsman

#008 – Tantra and Taking the Armour Off with Christopher Peacock

Christopher Peacock is a Specialist in Health & Alternative Fitness, De-Armouring (Emotional Release Massage), Corrective Personal Training, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Master of Reiki and Shamanic Tantric Techniques which help people to release blocked sexual energy and open their heart. Christopher joins us to talk about the divine masculine, Tantra(and how it’s not only about sex),…

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#007 – How to Change Your Life and Help People with Patricia Garza Pinto

Patricia Garza Pinto, co-founder of EVOLMOTION™ joins us in a talk that traverses from her childhood and troubling life as a young adult, to one of the top holistic health practitioners in the United States. Patricia is also a certified CHEK Exercise Coach and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach. She utilizes a mind, body & spirit…

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#006 – Former National Gymnast Alex MacInnis on Crossfit, Handstands, Yoga, and Eating for Performance

We bring on a special guest today: Alex MacInnis, a Former National Gymnast and Gymnastics teacher. After years of training upward of 15-20 hours every week, MacInnis became a leading athlete for gymnastics on PEI, competing at his first Canada Winter Games in 2003 and moving forward to represent his province at 7 Canadian National…

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Mike Gillespie

#005 – Mike Gillespie on Living the Life You’ve Always Wanted!

Our guest this episode is Mike Gillespie, a Lifestyle and Business Coach. Make sure to keep alert, there are lots of important nuggets of information dropped this episode! Learn how Mike quit his comfortable office job and is now living the life he could only dream about! We learn about how to get over and…

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#001 – The Optimum Talkisode – Brian and Klaud on water, supplements, mobility

Hey! Klaud here! Brian and I talk about all sorts of cool stuff here like supplements, diet, water, mobility and sleep. We may even crack a joke or two. Show notes will be forthcoming!

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David White

#004 – David White on Fat Loss, Food cravings, and Hormones

Our guest this episode is David White, a CHEK Practitioner, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, NLP Master Trainer, and fellow Podcaster. David has learned through years of battling sickness and obesity as a child, and thousands of hours of study under some of the finest minds in the health industry – that the journey to health, whilst…

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#003 – Personal Trainer, Business Coach and Master of Mindset – Matt Smith

On today’s show we speak with Matt Smith, a fitness professional in the UK. Matt shares many pieces of life changing information with us this episode. You definitely don’t want to miss it (or his awesome accent) Matt Smith is a Father, Husband, Fitness business owner and Personal Trainer. His mission is to help those…

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Strength Coach Kyle Gentle

#002 – Elite Strength Coach Kyle Gentle on Olympic Lifting, Rehab, and Motivation

We’re very excited to present our first podcast victim/guest: Kyle Gentle! Kyle Gentle is an elite Strength Coach and the Owner of Primal Performance Strength and Conditioning in Toronto, Ontario. Kyle has been a coach in the fitness and wellness industry for over eight years and involved in competitive sport since his youth. He is…

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We’re almost ready to launch!

Hello! If you’re reading this you’re probably early. Come back soon for fantastic podcasts and other content that will change your life!

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