Journeys of Wisdom

#036 – The Ego and Self Sabotage with John McMullin

John McMullin has been training coaches for over 15 years. An experienced lecturer, John facilitates workshops on numerous self growth and professional development topics. He maintains a busy private Holistic Coaching™ practice. We talk to John about Dreams, Hypnotic States, Addictions and Self Sabotage. We also talk about why people sabotage, fear and shame, and…

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#035 – Holistically Spiritual with Birgit Venetz

Birgit Venetz is an expert in spiritual holistic living, nutrition and lifestyle coach. She brings together holistic health with spiritual health and growth. On this podcast we discuss spirituality, consciousness, food quality, mineral deficiency making natural foods and tradition cooking. We also talk with Birgit about metabolic typing, individualized food, smoothies and what it means…

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#034 – Defining Success, Learning How to BeYou with Josh Cheetham

Josh Cheetham is a empowerment coach and a business coach for entrepreneurs. His focus is on mindset and breaking barriers, many of which are self-imposed. We had a great chat with Josh, things we talked about include defining success, who you are, setting intentions and living your truth. We also discuss having a be, do,…

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fighters mentality

#033 – Reaching Your Full Potential with Kerry Morgan

Kerry Morgan has been a Yoga Instructor, a Holistic Health Coach, owned a MMA Promotion Business in Atlantic City with her husband and now she’s a Wellness Consultant, helping others live the best life possible. In this episode, we talk about deleting negative thoughts, daily self mastery, stepping into your power and transformation. Kerry also…

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#032 – Feminism, healing, traditional wisdom, and turning your mess into your message with Amanda Patti

Amanda Patti is the founder of the Radical RAWthenticity Program and a Transformation Coach. She helps men and women release their limiting beliefs and reclaim their personal power. Amanda has been studying and practicing the art of personal growth, healing, and relationships for 22 years. Today we talk with Amanda about healing, traditional wisdom, nutrition,…

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Carl Weston

#031 – Working In and Taking Care of Yourself with Carl Weston

Carl Weston is the owner of Raven Wellness in Toronto, Canada. Carl is also on the CHEK Institute Faculty and is actively teaching for them. Mr. Weston may or may not have taken off his clothes for money many decades ago. We talk to Carl about surfing, eating local food, training mentality, work-life balance and…

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#030 – The Autoimmune Power Hour with Greg Williams

Greg Williams is an IBD Natural Health Specialist who helps Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis sufferers to improve their health, reduce their pain and increase their energy naturally. In this episode that is all about the gut, we talk with Greg about gut permeability, immuno-suppressants, shingles, IBD and leaky gut. We delve into food sensitivity tests, yeast, candida,…

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Chloe Gower

#029 – Digestion, Celiac Disease, and The Four Hour Body with Chloe Gower

Chloe Gower is a Transformational Holistic Health Coach and Allergy Free Chef. She works with people showing them the power of Alternative Healing. Chloe also is very informed on disordered eating and helping people through issues with food. What an info-packed episode! We covered everything from coffee (and alternatives) to meditation, and everything in between!…

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Fitness Disruption

#028 – Common Sense Fitness and Finding A Great Coach With Jeff Nemeth

We talk to Jeff Nemeth about everything from having a fitness business to debunking fitness trends. You don’t want to miss this one! Topics we cover in this episode are lifestyle, Russian squats, planning, debunking trends and flipping things upside down. We also get into how Jeff went from corporate life to the health and…

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#027 – Being Amazing with Nora Wendel

We talk about being Amazing, traveling to Bali, facing your fears, appreciation, how to live and travel. We also get into setting the tone of the day with a daily focus word, EMF’s, mentors, and how to divide a busy entrepreneurial schedule! Stop trying and start living! Shungite Stone

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