#030 – The Autoimmune Power Hour with Greg Williams

Greg Williams is an IBD Natural Health Specialist who helps Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis sufferers to improve their health, reduce their pain and increase their energy naturally. In this episode that is all about the gut, we talk with Greg about gut permeability, immuno-suppressants, shingles, IBD and leaky gut. We delve into food sensitivity tests, yeast, candida,…

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Chloe Gower

#029 – Digestion, Celiac Disease, and The Four Hour Body with Chloe Gower

Chloe Gower is a Transformational Holistic Health Coach and Allergy Free Chef. She works with people showing them the power of Alternative Healing. Chloe also is very informed on disordered eating and helping people through issues with food. What an info-packed episode! We covered everything from coffee (and alternatives) to meditation, and everything in between!…

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Fitness Disruption

#028 – Common Sense Fitness and Finding A Great Coach With Jeff Nemeth

We talk to Jeff Nemeth about everything from having a fitness business to debunking fitness trends. You don’t want to miss this one! Topics we cover in this episode are lifestyle, Russian squats, planning, debunking trends and flipping things upside down. We also get into how Jeff went from corporate life to the health and…

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#027 – Being Amazing with Nora Wendel

We talk about being Amazing, traveling to Bali, facing your fears, appreciation, how to live and travel. We also get into setting the tone of the day with a daily focus word, EMF’s, mentors, and how to divide a busy entrepreneurial schedule! Stop trying and start living! Shungite Stone

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Bone Broth

#026 – The Power of Bone Broth with Chef Lance Roll

Chef Lance Roll has been professionally cooking for 25 years. His career started in 1988 when he joined the team with Chef Mark Strausman at Sapore Di Mare in New York. He’s travelled extensively, learning from the best and working on refining and improving his craft. Currently Chef Lance is the sole owner and President…

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Dr. Joe Tatta

#025 – Gymnastics, The Brain, and Healing Your Pain Now with Dr. Joe Tatta

Dr. Joe Tatta is a doctor of physical therapy, board certified nutrition specialist and functional medicine practitioner who specializes in treating persistent pain and lifestyle-related musculoskeletal, metabolic and autoimmune health issues. Dr. Joe’s mission is to create a new paradigm around treating persistent pain and reverse our global pain epidemic. He is the creator of…

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#024 – Pat Davidson-Hard Work Vs. Programming, MASS, and Lifestyle Management

Pat Davidson has PhD in Exercise Physiology. He’s worked as a professor of Exercise Science at Brooklyn College and Springfield College. Pat has coached the athletes from Springfield College Team Ironsports. Pat has competed in Strongman and qualified and competed in two world championships at the Arnold Classic. Pat also has competed in submission wrestling…

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#023 – Getting Strong as Hell with Nick Horowski

Nick Horowski is a Physical Therapist and a Holistic Lifestyle/Nutrition Coach. He also competes in Strongman and loves lifting heavy things. When he’s not battling gravity he’s out in nature. Nick also hosts the Barenaked Health Podcast! Today we talk to Nick about: Strongman training, training principles, injuries, the importance of eating and sleeping. We…

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#002 – The Optimum Talkisode – Listening To Your Body, Depression, and Tools to Hack Your Productivity

In this exciting talkisode Brian and I discuss: eating people, jousting, Navy Seals, Fullthor. We also have some great information in the realms of depression and productivity. Apps mentioned: Dont Break The Chain – Website Don’t Break the Chain – App Twilight fl.ux Books Mentioned: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Supplements Mentioned: Organika Vege-Pro…

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#022 – Projection, Ego, and Riding the Waves with Jator Pierre

Jator Pierre is an explorer of self, curiosity cultivator, walker of earth, and a shadow seeker. Each day he is honored to work with clients around the world on their inner realities, gut health, auto-immune issues, addictions, perceptions, physical aliments and un-resolved trauma. His 18 year journey into inner coaching, ancestral nutrition, functional medicine and…

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