#043 – Taking the Sh(hh) Out of Shame with Jessica Rector

#043 Taking the Sh(hh) out of Shame with Jessica Rector!

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Joanna Rushton

#042 – GMO’s, Farm to Table Cooking, and Heartfulness with Jo Rushton

Show notes to come http://energycoachinginstitute.com/ https://www.facebook.com/EnergyCoachingInstitute/   Conversation’s With God by Neil Donald Walsh How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy  by Paul Chek A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle

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#41 – Inside an MMA Fight League with Kerry Morgan

Kerry Morgan is back! This is a podcast full of gems. We get into defining MMA, how Kerry got into running an MMA league, how to stay in charge of a changing world, detox distractions, and your wealth container. We define a fighters mindset and how it applies to your every day life, knowing and…

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#40 – Rolfing, Bodywork, and Breath with Tim Norton

Tim Norton is a certified Rolfing practitioner, licensed massage therapist, and musician. We talk about Rolfing, massage therapy, pain and pressure, fascia, the bio-psycho-social model of Rolfing, and why feet are important. We also get into the breath and how you’re your own best friend (important!) Mentioned: Michael Polon http://www.rolfingdenver.com/ Erik Dalton http://erikdalton.com/ Katy Bowman…

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Sleep Like A Boss

#039 – Discover How to Sleep Like A Boss With Christine Hansen

Christine Hansen is a sleep strategist and coach. We talk to her about getting back to work after having a baby, the holistic science of sleep, and functional diagnostic nutrition. We get into delegating tasks, stress, sleep hygiene, sleep debt, stress diffusion techniques, and the freaking out on purpose method. We get some great tips…

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#038 – Detoxing Your World with Kelly Bonanno

Kelly is a former network television manager turned stay-at-home mom, ecopreneur and wellness warrior. A true California girl, born and raised in Los Angeles she’s always been health minded but over the last decade Kelly upped her game and has taken a more holistic approach to wellness. In this episode we talk to Kelly about…

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#37 – Holistic Nutrition with Patricia Eales

Patricia Eales is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Master Reiki Practitioner. She specializes in female hormonal health and menopause. In this podcast we talk about hormone disruptors, toxins, GMOs, disbiosis and healing the gut. We get into the difference between peri-menopause and menopause. Off of that theme, we talk about experiencing menopause symptoms at age…

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Journeys of Wisdom

#036 – The Ego and Self Sabotage with John McMullin

John McMullin has been training coaches for over 15 years. An experienced lecturer, John facilitates workshops on numerous self growth and professional development topics. He maintains a busy private Holistic Coaching™ practice. We talk to John about Dreams, Hypnotic States, Addictions and Self Sabotage. We also talk about why people sabotage, fear and shame, and…

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#035 – Holistically Spiritual with Birgit Venetz

Birgit Venetz is an expert in spiritual holistic living, nutrition and lifestyle coach. She brings together holistic health with spiritual health and growth. On this podcast we discuss spirituality, consciousness, food quality, mineral deficiency making natural foods and tradition cooking. We also talk with Birgit about metabolic typing, individualized food, smoothies and what it means…

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#034 – Defining Success, Learning How to BeYou with Josh Cheetham

Josh Cheetham is a empowerment coach and a business coach for entrepreneurs. His focus is on mindset and breaking barriers, many of which are self-imposed. We had a great chat with Josh, things we talked about include defining success, who you are, setting intentions and living your truth. We also discuss having a be, do,…

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