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The Optimum Human is a project created by Brian McKay of painfreefitnessonline.com and Klaud Petrulis of coachklaud.com – Our goal is to help people around the world thrive in all aspects of life including, but not limited to, health, fitness, nutrition, and beyond.


13230870_10209025234126453_1147839690_o Brian: “As a Holistic Health Coach, I love every day working with my highly-motivated clients to achieve the health, vitality, and fitness that they desire. It’s still amazing to me that out of sheer personal necessity, I was able to find my passion in life.

Unlike most personal trainers, I am an exercise coach who thrives on working with people with injuries. Helping you utilize real gym exercises to get out of pain and get you stronger all at the same time. You get to work smarter, not harder.”



Klaud: “I’m a fitness professional who specializes in Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching. Some call me a personal trainer, but I do much more than that.

I holistically coach my clients towards success using the principles of proper sleep, nutrition, exercise, and stress management. My goal is to bring health and fitness to everyone around the world.”


We’ve been sub-optimal ourselves, and we know that sometimes you just need the proper advice and motivation to get a kickstart! That’s why we’re doing this. We want to help you live a better, healthier and happier life. At The Optimum Human we draw from our years of experience in lifestyle, health, and fitness to help people who are actively looking to live a more optimum life.

If you have general questions they can be directed to info@theoptimumhuman.com

Questions for Brian McKay can be sent to brian@theoptimumhuman.com

Questions for Klaud Petrulis can be sent to klaud@theoptimumhuman.com