allison pelot

#048 Allison Pelot – Gymnastics, Sugar, and Gratitude Through Trauma

Allison began her career in holistic health by first spending 15 years as a competitive gymnast. Her passion for teaching soon grew and lead her to pursue an exercise science degree from Georgia State University, while working part-time as a gymnastics coach and fitness professional.

After the birth of two boys, she soon discovered the state of her health had drastically changed. She began to question her experience of modern medicine and how it was working for her. Soon after, she started to become fascinated with holistic practices and how the body has great potential to heal itself naturally.

This lead her to study master-level courses in holistic health, nutrition, exercise science, and rehabilitation with the CHEK Institute in San Diego, CA. By learning how to gradually change her nutrition and lifestyle, she was able to overcome asthma, digestive problems, and chronic inflammation by simply changing what she ate and how she moved.

We had a fantastic and wide ranging conversation with Allison and we hope you’ll enjoy!

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