#022 – Projection, Ego, and Riding the Waves with Jator Pierre

Jator Pierre is an explorer of self, curiosity cultivator, walker of earth, and a shadow seeker. Each day he is honored to work with clients around the world on their inner realities, gut health, auto-immune issues, addictions, perceptions, physical aliments and un-resolved trauma.

His 18 year journey into inner coaching, ancestral nutrition, functional medicine and movement have gifted him with numerous self growth and development tools which he skillfully uses to guide others to guide themselves to their version of inner balance. He has been fueled by his own struggle with weight and shame, and through that journey it has become clear to him that a fully integrative approach is a prerequisite to healing.  Through your work together you may find yourself examining, discovering and understanding not only how your body function’s but how each one of your physical symptoms correlate and are expressive of underlying mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns.


You can find more about Jator and his work at the following links: