#012 – Kettlebells, Powerlifting and Overcoming Injury with Mike Salemi

Mike Salemi is a Kettlebell Master of Sport in the 32kg Long Cycle and a Champion Powerlifter.

He’s trained with everyone from Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell, to Paul Chek, to the Russian National Kettlebell team.

Through the challenging process of resolving longstanding gastro-intestinal issues and sports related injuries, it’s been his journey to further understand the human body and its potential holistically.

In this episode we talk about Kettlebell Sport, Shaolin Monks, Hand conditioning (mainly the dixie cup ice method)

We touch on the 2 biggest mistakes people make when learning how to swing a kettlebell and Mike’s time at Westside and his work with Paul Chek.

Books he would bring to a desert island would be Nonviolent Communication and Supertraining (Supertraining could also be used as a self defense weapon it’s so massive)

We hope you enjoy this episode!

Mike can be found at