David White

#004 – David White on Fat Loss, Food cravings, and Hormones

Our guest this episode is David White, a CHEK Practitioner, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, NLP Master Trainer, and fellow Podcaster.

David has learned through years of battling sickness and obesity as a child, and thousands of hours of study under some of the finest minds in the health industry – that the journey to health, whilst it can appear complicated, is completed on the back of basic principles of wellness. Regardless of your health goal the simplest strategies such as sleeping more, reverting back to a real food diet, exercising enough and not too much and maintaining a good level of hydration – and embracing your journey as a process, not a destination – is the surest way to success.

We talk about fat loss, diets, mindset, and how to set yourself up to live your ideal day.

David’s books he would take to a deserted island are:

How to eat, move, and be Healthy by Paul Chek 

Values Factor by John DeMartini

The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships by Neil Strauss

To connect with David, you can find him at: